Brand activation is all about increasing awareness of your brand through experiences. This can include engaging your customers through a brand launch, media event, store opening, product demo, and other promotional activities.

That is where Woofys comes in. We can help you engage with your customers through food and beverage, in a unique, personalised way. What better way to impress and entertain your customers than with a branded food, coffee or bar cart?

Let us help you serve fun to your customers. Pop over to the blog for some inspiration from recent events or get in touch to chat about your next brand activation event.

Check out a handful of some global companies who’ve activated their brand with a Woofys cart.©esteban-la-tessa_10-min-cropped-min-1280x1732.jpg©esteban-la-tessa_50-1.jpg

Brand Event Catering

First impressions are key to successfully launching a new brand or product. Introduce yourself with a bang with our branded catering carts. We offer a customisable menu so you can choose food and drink that is on-brand and will impress your guests.

Brand Activation Event Catering

Amplify your brand with a Woofys branded coffee, food or bar cart. We offer in-store brand activations or can bring the cart to your desired location, whether that be a shopping centre, city thoroughfare or even the beach (our personal favourite).

Branded Coffee Catering

Find the way to your customer’s heart with a branded Woofys coffee cart. It is a simple but effective way to increase awareness of your brand through the experience of having an amazing coffee while interacting with your brand. 


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